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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
Yeah, check the 'i' vs the 'W' in AmigaWorld.
Yeah, I can see it now.

Originally Posted by Photon View Post
You make shit up just to have something to argue about, such as in this example.
I didn't make anything up I asked a question. Which was "How can you tell if any distortion is the monitor?" All you had to do was say something like "If you look at position X,Y you can see effect Z which I am certain is a scaling artifact" and I would have understood. You tried to do it and I did not understand where you were asking me to look. And you seemed to see this miscommunication as some sort of attack. I thought I had a bad inferiority complex

Originally Posted by Photon View Post
it's bad enough with picture update problems on LCDs already.
The scan rate conversion? 50Hz->60Hz? Never seen it on an LCD. Jens said something about Indivision AGA supporting intermediate frequencies which limited the effect but I think I'd have to see it to understand how bad it was.
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