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Yeah, check f.ex. the 'i' vs the 'W' in AmigaWorld.

alexh, I am negative about crappy things, but prefer to attack them with information when I get the urge. You make shit up just to have something to argue about, such as in this example. I don't care about that, but lately it's me you have targeted, which pisses me off.

You admit you've never owned an LCD before, yet something is wrong with my arguments. 'It could be camera/JPEG'. Yes, in fantasy-land, and if you've never tried to display Amiga on an LCD before.

I question a perhaps-perhaps-not promising product, you question ME. Please feel free to do so, but with arguments.

I've asked on Safir about the scaling, but any LCD I get for my lovely Amigas will have to have zero artifacts - it's bad enough with picture update problems on LCDs already.
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