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I just find the Mac to be cumbersome whenever I have to use the one here at work. Simple commands are a pain in the ass to figure out how to make happen. I had to insert an external disk (mini-disk from camera) in the drive to copy files over to the network. No command line to copy. No GUI interface for copying. I finally dug around enough to find a tool (was it Finder?) to search for DSCN, then when it found them, I had to figure a way to make a Window open with a directory listing of somewhere on the network, then clumsily drag the files over to it. Hardly as "friendly" as it's claimed to be.

A command line is neccesary, IMHO. Applescript hardly qualifies as a command line any more than that little MS-DOS window on the PeeCee.

I just don't find that I have much flexibility for customizing my system on a Mac the way I do on an Amiga (or even a PC, to a small degree).
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