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Originally posted by jmmijo
Well tell me Fred does the Option + Command + O + F key combo still work with the latest G4's and/or eMAC's?
I'm VERY intrigued by that god damnit! What does it do??
*turns on Classic II*

Well, the previous G4s still had the debug button, dunno about the new ones... but in general it always bothered me too that the Mac has no commandline. That's just because I want to fiddle with the stuff lying behind the MacOS GUI.

Then again it proves not to be needed at all! At least I never needed a CLI with my Macs.

And when I want to screw up, I press the debug button and make my machine go ding-ding-ding-ding!....ding-ding-ding-dong?!...

Hmm... that does nothing on my Classic II.. is this a newer Mac feature? I tried it both on powerup and while the OS was running.

Or am I just dumb?

A lot of the Amiga fans, when forced to move to newer hardware, moved onto the Mac. They stuck with the Motorola architechture and at the same time were able to use the latest programs that they needed for work.

I would have done the same if I had the chance!
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