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Re: stamps an "F-it" on the project.

Originally posted by Gregory
[...]but when I got the error message needing a tool 'installer' for installing a program guessed it, "installer". that's when I told myself it's time to hang it up and settle for "pirate's cove" text adventure game for the commodore vic 20.
Hehehehe, that was really funny

I know how you feel man. A lot of friends of mine who collect computers think the Amiga is something they can't handle, a mistery. I tell them it's dead easy! But then again, I've been on the platform for 10 years or so. So understand where you're coming from.

I think you should download an "Amiga for Dummies" pack (no offense mate!). would get you started with most of what you need.

Also, for HD games, try TomTom's place. His zips always include WHDLoad, JST or whichever other tool you might need to get you up and running in seconds! Tomtom's AmigaHD gmes site cn be locted at

I hope you don't give up on the Amiga marvel Cheers!
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