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true, they killed the Amiga... bastards!

of course computers have a Soul... have you never watched Red Dwarf?

Seriously, i doubt that there will be a big retro Playstation scene (well for the amount of units sold), because Sony will always push their latest product down our throats.

The Amiga still has a huge following, looking at some of the prices of hardware on Ebay you can tell that their are alot of people ready to handover some serious cash for a format that has no future (by that, i mean that any Amiga computer that is released in the future will have nothing to do with what we know as the Amiga).

The reason that PCs took over is that it was a structured business tool, not a games machine. Hardware for the PC was developed by lots of different companies, all working for a common goal.... to beat each others specifications.

Commodore made some huge mistakes... but as they said in their original ethos "We are making a computer everyone, not just for the Big Guys", they developed some excellent hardware, way above what the PC could produce at the time... which left them no money for marketing. *source - the history of video gaming.
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