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Arrow ADFCHK (ADF checker for ADOS disk images) - v0.2.2 released [win32/*nix]


even though there has been almost exactly one year between ADFCHK v0.1.4R and now, development on this tool surely wasn't supposed to get halted anytime soon!
In fact, the greatest part of work has been happening behind the scenes, hours of testing, debugging ... and also adding features ...
Well then.
Let me do everything in a nutshell (unlike others )---here's the new feature list:

- DMS file support!! (please consider this still EXPERIMENTAL, thanks)

- BOOT block virus detection support: 
  Byte Bandit (3 variants supported [NB: encoded ones to come]), Byte Warrior, 
  Joshua 1 + 2, Pentagon Circle 1 + 2, Little Sven, Eleni 1 (MessAngel-B), 
  Sepultura, and Leviathan

- FILE virus detection support: 
  Jeff/Butonic (versions 1.31 + 3.10), SADDAM/IRAK
- Detection of special disk formats/signatures:
 -- Rob Northen Copylock disks (DosType = 'RNC')
 -- Quarterback backup sets (DosType = 'Qb'+number or 'QB'+number)

- CRC32 is now calculated and displayed in the log files

- Format-independent DMS transfer error detection (DMS!!ERR)
  (will also handle NDOS disks)

- Deep-checking (automatic) of DATA blocks [1]; now also detects errors due to:
 -- Bad sequence numbers
 -- Bad nextData pointers
 -- Illegal validData values (greater than 0x1E8 or less than 0x01)
[1] (NOTE: Deep checking gets auto-disabled for blocks with illegal header key numbers,
in order to prevent misdetections! ADFCHK cannot act like a clairvoyant and wildly guess the file which the data block belongs to: hence a valid file header pointer is a MUST!)

To you Linux guys: I BLINDLY modified the Makefile to adapt it to my new source tree, but I couldn't test it yet! So I'm sure you will report me soon if I succeeded in breaking anything (quite likely )

[edit] NOTE: Source will now be available via SourceForge ONLY. (also to ensure that only people download this who actually plan to do something with it )

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