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Game: It Came From The Desert
Cracker: n/a
Trainer: n/a
Files & CRC/MD5:
It Came from the Desert (1989)(Cinemaware)(Disk 1 of 3)[a].adf {CRC32 86DDDC8A}
It Came from the Desert (1989)(Cinemaware)(Disk 2 of 3).adf {CRC32 0067F7FA}
It Came from the Desert (1989)(Cinemaware)(Disk 3 of 3).adf {CRC32 57990F5B}
Various versions of "disk 3" are faulty. The above are the verified working set that Gamebase Amiga uses. See these threads for more details:
... It came from the Desert Disk 3
... Fully working ADFs of "It Came from the Desert"?
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