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Whatever Amiga Inc. try to do will not come close to how i remember the Amiga computer, infact, it could be true to say that there isn't an Amiga anymore... just a fantasic scene.

The problem is, as we all know, is that Microsoft and Intel dominate the computer market, Macs are cool and have some killer apps (which the PC just can't run as quick).. but for business and "Computer" gaming, PCs are the computer of choice (sad, i know).

There just isn't a space for another hardware platform nor, another operating system, so Amiga Inc, can't sell a computer or to a point an OS...

imagine the scene...

Amiga Inc. release a new super computer to an already saturated market, they have millions of pounds riding on a computer that isn't compatiable with PCs or Macs... is the computer industry ready to say "Bye Bye Microsoft, Intel and Apple". No their not.

... the only thing they can do is intergrate the hardware and software into other mediums...

Amiga for me will always be a Computer with a soul, but in todays Computer market, souls have been sold...

... todays computers aren't about Passion, they are about Money!
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