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Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
Oh no guys, I feel fine. It doesn't really bother me that I have no friends, I have plenty of Amigas to fill the void. I am weird though, but I'm comfortable with that too. I don't think it's bad to be different, at least I'm not a clone conforming to social stereotypes like so many other girls. But of course that's the reason they don't like me, I don't fit in with them and I'd be bored out of my mind shopping for shoes, talking about boys and playing with mobile phones. Communication is also difficult because I'm deaf, and a lot of people assume I'm being rude and ignoring them when I fail to reply when I don't see them speak to me.

Sorry for derailing the thread, let's get back on topic
A woman who doesn't live shoes and handbags! You are not weird you're a bloody miracle!
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