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stamps an "F-it" on the project.

Well guys, thanks for everything. But it's beyond my reasoning. I can figure out windows, I can figure out dos commands and such, i've even mastered other computer emulators for windows such as commodore 64 and x68000 and a few others. But Amiga is an Enigma that I can not solve.

I know for some it's pretty simple, all I can say to that is that one man's plastic lid is another man's rubix cube. And no, I never solved a rubix cube without cheating (smirks). And I can't figure out how to cheat to solve this puzzle of an emu either.

It was the tools that were my downfall, you need this tool for that, but to install it you need another tool, it goes on and on but when I got the error message needing a tool 'installer' for installing a program guessed it, "installer". that's when I told myself it's time to hang it up and settle for "pirate's cove" text adventure game for the commodore vic 20.

Take care.
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