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I just set up an HP Mini 5101 with Windows 7 and WinUAE about 3 weeks ago and it's flawless (almost).

Used a 16gb flash drive to install Windows 7 (trivial process).

[Link removed - I assume this was an unfortunate error and you didn't intend to put some rather mild porn in there... - Graham]

The rest was just installing the WinUAE + environment.

I had to run WinUAE with the -ddsoftwarecolorkey option due to the flakey Intel graphics driver.

HP 5101 + 2GB RAM + HD (1366x768) display + 160GB HDD + 802.11g wifi

The built-in display works great in RTG and the Amiga native displays scale well (with correct aspect ratio).

For example the SuperHiRes Interlaced PAL mode works in 1366x768 as 1280x512 with small borders, or it can be stretched a bit and it will actually fill the entire screen (aspect ratio disabled) or fill top to bottom with side borders (aspect ratio enabled).

- Bogdan

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