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A quick translation of the Swedish thread: (the Benq LCD)

+ scrolls smoothly in Pinball Dreams smoothly (no 50-to-60Hz resampling)
+ overall, a good screen for gaming
- interlaced modes aren't deinterlaced (Not surprising. I wonder if it's perfect (as perfect as on A3000) with a Flickerfixer without Scandoubler? Should be.)
- hires modes result in filtered fonts, no way to select a "good" resolution

They mention 1280x1024 to get crisp fonts in 640x512, but it's a 1920x1080 screen, so I'm confused.

And Gulliver that's some ACE lists you have there - a bigger problem is finding sellers in Europe. Do you have some voodoo magic lists of them, too?

I'm looking for a NEW 19-20" 15KHz, 50Hz RGB-CRT. Arcade monitors like Hantarex are perfect but they lack enclosures.
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