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Problems with wireless ethernet

Hi, i recently got myself an a1200 with a dkb1240 , 030/28 , 881/16 , 32 mb fastmem and a cf-card as harddrive.

In order to trasfer files between the mig and my pc i bought a wireless pcmcia ethernet card of ebay with a driverdisk for the amiga.

I've installed the driver and added the prism2defaults settings to my startup-sequence.
I'm now trying to set up the tcp/ip stack using miamiDX, but with little luck so far.
When i run the IniMiamiDX program it finds my card and hotspot fine. I can even see it in the configuration page for my dlink router, but i cant ping it from my pc.
Any ideas?

Im new to this forum but have watched it from time to time over the last couple of months when i had other questions and figured that this would be the place to ask
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