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Originally Posted by KillaByte View Post
Try the "Hi-Res Laced" mode.
I've just spent the morning trying to make Remus fail,
It ran fine on a 320*256 4 col. WB screen, much to my suprise.

So after that I started munching up RAM to try and make it fail.(still at 320*256*4)
2MB Chip, 0 Fast, after a long wait,starts OK
1.5M Chip,0 Fast, still starts..
1.0M Chip,0 Fast, won't start "Can't open NList.mcc" error.
0.5M Chip,0 Fast, won't start "Not enough memory available"
0.25M Chip,0 Fast, Guru'd with error #80000020.

That last one was interesting, Chris reported getting the same Guru on his A600, but I can't find any mention of it in the SDK.
I should have realised earlier that a plain A600 just doesn't have enough memory

But without the UAE config, I can't say why that won't work.
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