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Originally Posted by pmc View Post
@ Cammy & asm1 - being different is nothing to ever be ashamed or embarassed about - I've got a scar across my face from being stabbed when I was younger.

Sometimes people give me a funny look or double take or whatever. It used to bother me but as I've gotten older my attitude has changed to not really caring what might go through other people's heads when they first meet me.

If everyone was the same the world would be a very dull place so my advice is to keep smiling, do what you want to do, feel proud and anyone who doesn't like it well f*ck them!
Oh yes I quite agree - I've long since ceased to give a flying bugger what anyone else thinks about me/my condition... at least in terms of how it "looks" to them... all I meant was that coping with it or at least trying to cope with other people's attitudes can be trying at times. To all intents and purposes I "walk funny" and use a stick, but theres a whole hell of a lot more to my condition/problem/things I have to deal with than that... and yes it affects me socially.

This is not a "My condition is worse than Cammy's" post or any of that crap, or pmc's scar or indeed Adropac2's "going bald whilst at school" - which on top of all the other stuff you have to cope with at that time is just well.... I cant imagine, and I wouldnt even try to.

"Difference" is nothing to be ashamed of, nor is it something that should mean you have to exclude yourself from social interaction (Intarweb aside ) its just that Cammy sounded alone/lonely (or perhaps isolated?) and I wanted her to know that I understand how that can feel - I've been there myself, and indeed sometimes still feel that way.

God that sounds really soppy but I R want to help

but yes Retro = Good


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