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The coder for the Amiga port of Final Fight wrote about it on everything2:

Well, seeing as you asked (carries on without waiting to see if anyone did ask, which they clearly didn't), I did the conversions of CapCom's Final Fight for the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST.

This being the bad old days of 1990, when times were hard and Japanese arcade game manufacturers were happy to take your license fee but wouldn't give you anything in return, I had to pull all the ROM chips off the board, read them all, and work out how all the background graphics and sprites were stored.
After a good bit of hacking and playing about I got the sprites displaying on my Amiga, and they looked great! ..And 100 pixels high each! ..And in 256 colours! ..And there were about 2000 animation frames! (ulp)

So, sadly I must say that despite my best programming efforts (and I put quite a lot of work into Amiga Final Fight), and plenty of fancy loading-baddies-while-you-played-and-decompressing-them-sharpish-before-they-came-onscreen-to-hit-you type stuff, all the beautiful sprite graphics got converted down to a shared pallette of 16 colours and about half the animation frames had to go. Doh. They were still huge, which was nice, but they were a bit washed out. Sorry.
Full article here.
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