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I went bald while at school, and i guess that could count as being a bit different - does that count any?

Anyway difference is great and being unique is much more something to be proud of as who wants to be just another number

Difference when applied to anything from a creative point is also a good example of why being unique can often be a positive thing

Back to the subject : i don't actually have any friends that don't or rather didn't at some point, game on an Amiga. Certainly all of those i grew up with knowing, gamed on Amiga - i don't know but i think i would find it hard to find other friends were they not interested in this type of thing, for the simple reason that i wouldn't likely find them all that interesting at that level

Talking to a clever sort though say outside of gaming, computing etc, i would enjoy but i would likely not consider them a chum

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