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Originally Posted by cosmicfrog View Post
hi all well Ive just been in to a new shop in this small town called Old-S-Kool

now she dos`t have any ami stuff in but said I was the 4th person to ask
so what I need to do now is make a little flyer to put in her window so I can hopefuly get in contact with fellow amigains in this small town.

any ideas welcome for the design as i haven`t got a working printer here
but first pen and ink draft is going have my name, phone number and eab address on.

hopefully I`ll have this done by monday if the F1 dosn`t get in the way
Maybe we could persuade her to have an Amiga open day, with cakes, balloons, fol, big boxed shrink wrapped amiga games, apple dunking, pineapple slices and sausages & cheese/cocktail sticks with fizzy pop (no alcohol cos we are reliving our yoof )

Serious I'd be up for a gang bang in the shop of old skoolness BRING IT ON! No atari folk, we don't like them types
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