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Originally Posted by zygzak View Post
I really didn't know, till now, why Amiga was sticked with this shitty nonsense that joysticks can only have one button. I had QuickShot which had 4 modes and, probably, when MSX mode was choosen and joystick was connected to mouse port I had 2 independent buttons. I didn't recalled any game which can use this feature, only MK2. In Mortal 2, with one button I could punching and second was for kicking - only when QuickShot was in that special mode.

I think that Final Fight was destined for failure cause it was made for plain A500. Big sprites, so much frames and free will to massacre opponent in different ways. They cut frames like they could. Look how Cody on Amiga held knife - frame is from normal pose, and knife looks like some alien object. On arcade pose with knife is different.
This game is really crappy, shitty piece of code, but someone could like it (next bad syntax eh...).
It's weird that Final Fight don't support this, as there are some A500 games that lets you choose 1 or 2 button joystick in the setup. One example is Leander, where you can choose 2 button joystick (one for fire and the other one for jumping).
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