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Originally posted by LordBug
Ah, I didn't realize I was dealing with a true Amiga newbie

Besides getting JST, I suggest getting WHDLoad.

Also remember that the Amiga Kickstart ROM, Amiga OS, most applications, and some games are NOT legal to download. In case you actually care, you can get legal ROM and OS images by buying Amiga Forever, from Cloanto. Legal games and apps are available for download at Back to the Root.
Thanks alot man, and yes indeed I am a complete and total newbie to amiga emulation. But not a newbie to emulation in general, and especially legality in emulation, though I did make that mistake of posting that link, I just thought that because the zone was a part of the site, it would be ok, lesson learned.

I'll post a responce of the results of the implementation.
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