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Originally Posted by PiesAreBlueGuy View Post
Well I am 18 and I had a Amiga in my childhood for playing games. None of my friends had a Amiga and when I tell them about it they have no idea what I am talking about

After explaining they think it's pretty boring D:

I only knew one other person my age with a Amiga but I haven't talked to him in years.
As Adropac alludes to in his post, I think the fact you are younger than almost all of us probably puts you at a disadvantage as in general the younger you are the less chance you have of people even having heard of the Amiga; I think people my age are probably some of the last to have had a realistic chance of growing up with it. Obviously there's a chance if you are younger of siblings/parents/other relatives having one so coming into contact with it that way.

For some reason I have (completely randomly) been reminded of a 'conversation' I had about three years ago down the pub, with a girl (a friend of a friend I think), in which some bright spark decided to ask me if I was still doing programming on the Amiga (no idea why) and she picked up on this:

Girl: "Wow, you had an Amiga?"
Me: "Yeah, still do."
Girl: "I had one of those! Do you like Oscar, that was brilliant."
Me (rather firmly): "What? Oscar is incredibly crap!"

[Silence, followed by conversations with other people as if nothing had happened]

The words "gift horse" and "mouth" spring strangely to mind.
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