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Most people i know either grew up with Amiga gaming or had friends with them

It's suprising how many young folk i know that like the Amiga and even remember it - a young friend of 23 had a poorer family and this meant he had the older machines way before any of the new stuff and he has very fond memories.But then it was one of his first machines

Those that seem to have started gaming at the PS2 era are the ones that appear to have a harder time understanding the concept of Amiga quality

And then again iv'e had nephews that have seen i'm enjoying something seemingly less impressive and shortly after accepted it must be pretty good if i'm bothering with it

I'd say 23 is not the average age of course for an Amiga owner but certainly there are many that will have been introduced to it early on and before the actual machines of their time

Although there are loads out there that would no doubt laugh at an Amiga game, i think those people around you that are friends etc, are usually more interested than anything else.It doesn't mean you might be able to convert them but it also doesn't mean you get ridiculed either

As for people you don't know though, people that wont have experienced anything of older games like Amiga, these are of course very short sighted and find the idea of playing these systems as hilarious i think for the most
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