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My mates know I'm into my retro games (including the Amiga) and know I do a lot of computer stuff (as well as for work) but none of them really take an interest in it other than playing some older games every now and then when we get the chance.

I don't really discuss coding and stuff with anyone, other than people online and a few people at work (but that's never about Amiga coding just my work stuff).

With mates I tend to discuss music, games, football, the usual kind of stuff, but coding and computer conversations tend to annoy me because I see computers as tools to do stuff. My mate might recommend a new bit of software or something, or I might ask if he knows of a decent program for a certain task but that's it.

I reminisce over the fact that I can play games on my Amiga, not the fact that it has a Paula chip in it, I just have no interest in hardware.

So that's why I wouldn't go the fair, I don't enjoy computer conversations that much, but I also wouldn't go to a car fair because I find people talking about 16 valve, 467bhp too geeky too.
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