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OK. Here are the answers, with bonus free blackcornflake comments.

1. Slamtilt
Ace of Space table. Alien Attack multiball mode. What is the value of the Super Jackpot, available after killing all the aliens?

c) 30 million

My favourite Slamtilt table is Mean Machines. Great fun, as it is busy as hell and just throws points at you.

2. Sensible Golf
What does the commentator shout when a hole is completed 3 shots under par? (Discounting a hole-in-one on a Par 4). Sequence: -1= ‘Birdie!’, -2= ‘Eagle!!’, -3=…

c) Nothing but polite applause from the crowd

I don’t know why they didn’t include a sample for an albatross, as there are samples for eagle, birdie, par, bogey, double bogey, triple bogey, +4 and up, out of bounds and water hazard. There isn’t one for a hole-in-one, either.

3. Kingpin
What is the name given to the 10th consecutive strike in a game?

b) 10-bagger

The one weak link in my otherwise sneakproof quiz, this could be looked up as a piece of real 10-pin bowling terminology. Bizarre naming convention, btw. They start off all different, (i.e. strike, double, turkey), then sort of run out of names halfway along, and just stick a number in front of ‘bagger’. Crazee!

4. Guardian
Level 100 is completed. What happens?

c) Start Level 101, obviously

Akira - you are the only geezer to get this right! Lucky guess!

Yep, you battle through 100 levels of a really demanding game, and what do you get? Level 101. Hey ho. But I still love the game.

5. Deluxe Pacman
What happens when a screen is cleared of pills, then the power pills are consumed?

a) Jump to bonus screen

Bit of a gamble, this strategy. Best left to a level that suits it. You could lose a life attempting it, but 50,000 points (exactly the amount required to gain an extra life) are awarded for completing the resulting bonus screen. A little bit of luck helps – the bonus screen is randomly picked; some are easy, some are nasty.

Final Table of Pretty Good Players/Guessers

1. CPC464: 3/5 - King of the Jungle
=2. Drake1009: 2/5 - King of the Hill
=2. Shatterhand: 2/5 - King of the Castle
4. Akira: 1/5 - King of the Swingers

Everybody else: 0/5 - King Prawns
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