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Loving the subject matter Graham, great question.

My close friends all know that I'm interested in computers and consoles, new and old which I couldn't give a shit what they thought. Everyone has their hobbies and whenever they want anything done on their pc or anything technical it's generally me they ring.

For me, being a uber cool demi god, I don't actually go out of my way to tell people when I first meet them (which happens ALOT, cos yes, I go out ALOT and I am COOL AND TRENDY, which you can take however you like but I am not passing judgement or stating that I'm better than you) but if somebody else mentions retro gaming or even general PC shit I do take a great interest in the conversation and every single time I seem to stun people that actually I'm quite a geek, as when I'm out I am a bit of the Jack the Lad. The aforementioned thread I was obviously kidding around as some of you took it quite personal that I called EAB members geeks and to be honest that opinion of mine still holds and does include me but the rest I was just joking and winding you up (those that were taking the bait). I just think there are levels of "geekyness" and talking about Amiga (in this case) is one thing but going to a fair, for me, would be too much.

I'm not in any way ashamed and neither should you guys be of any hobby that you're into but surely what ever hobbies you are into there are different depths of involvment for each individual?

I love this forum and I really enjoy, mostly reading, about hardware, coding and the history of the Amiga scene etc and I do think it's nice that the Amiga is still kept going and some of you peeps are really involved, either still trying to code games, code KGLoad :P or mod your A1200 etc. It's a really helpful site and seems to be full of some really helpful people and if any of my freinds or associates would ever show interest in the Amiga I would certainly recommend EAB.

I actually feel I'm a nice guy and it hurts me that one/some of you guys think I portray you as being a paedophile (post now removed or edited) just because you're going to a fair.

Basically my social life and my internet life (which is the ONLY reason I'm still partial involved in the Amiga) are kept separate, for no real reason other than that's the way I like it.

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