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Originally posted by 7-Zark-7
Anyone here who has a friend,who know's an uncle, who has a cousin who once served coffee to David Haynie please email him to ask David Haynie to personally come to this board & answer this question & solve this debate!!

Which was derived from what? My money is still on the theory that the AAA chipset was the original successor to the OCS/ECS chipset's but due to the length of development time,cost & CBM management's stupidity they released a cut down version which was the AA/AGA chipset.

Wish I could remember which Amiga magazine had that article now, but there were so many CBM post mortem's its hard to know...
It's strange indeed. AFIK AAA was meant to be compatible with OCS/ECS but not with AGA...
I read somewhere what AAA was developed after the AA/AGA...
IMO A3000+ was the best Amiga made ever although only a few models were produced as prototypes AFIK.
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