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At 42, most my long standing friends are friends I had back when we all had Amigas. The only one that lives in the same country as me was a tracker wizard in the day - he made the swap to PC around Wolfenstein.. he still ribs me, but we laugh and fire up a couple of games, mods, hell his ringtone is the music from the c64 version of Uridium

Most the friends I made in my video production days were familiar with the toaster in its heyday - so they're also pretty in the know. My new wife has a few retro consoles and works with Lightwave every day - so she's both understanding of the retro addiction, as well as being fascinated by the history of the programs she uses every day.

Step daughter thinks its fantastic that I like to try and code my own games - she wants me to get a Fuzebox for xmas as a father-daughter project. Maybe teach her to code in C

The older it gets, it nearly seems the more positive folks are about it all really - very trippy.
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