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Emulators on consoles is harder than one would think and isn't as cool, because most consoles have slow CPUs with fast graphics/sound processors to make up for it. This is why they can make their games as cool as they are - fast graphics pocessor.

But if you're trying to emulate something, that graphics processor isn't going to help as much as you'd think, because the largest duty of an emulator needs raw CPU power to recreate the emulated processors on your real one.

This is why the SNES emulators for the DC are so slow, and why an A500 would have no chance on a DC.

XBox? I don't remember what processor it has in it, but it's probably not as great as one would think.

If you really want to run your emulator on a TV, get a video card for your PC with a TV out, it's a much better option than porting said emulators(especially Amiga) to a console.
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