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Well ... I'm 38 years old, lived the Amiga age and people that now Amiga and have almost my age poke fun that I live of memories and that it's a waste of time and energy to spend time looking back to the old times.

But ... people would never understand! I was on the Amiga scene at the time as sysop in Crystal and I have spent 10 years of my life on the Amiga. It's my past, it's part of my life and if I would forget about Amiga and forget the past I would loose my path!

People cannot understand my emotions and life could be an emotion too!

People and my friend cannot imagine what excitement I do feel having a GF living in Mexico. People just say .... find a woman here where you live.

Well ... in plain terms what makes you happy do not necessarily make happy the group of people who is around you at the moment.

Long live to the retro! Long live to the amiga!
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