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Originally posted by LordBug

Once you have it on your "Amiga", it should be obvious what to run. Just double click the big "Lure of the Temptress" icon (that's "LureHD" BTW).
Um..nope and nope. I'll start from scratch here. I've downloaded WinUAE0821R4. I've downloaded the 3.1 version of Kickstart. I've downloaded the HD file.

There are no icons, because with just that, you only get command line interfaces. However, after scratching my head at how in the hell you can get icons in amiga I started surfing around and found workbench 3.1. Now I have icons.

However, the game still does not run. It gives me this error:

Unable to open your tool 'jst'

now that you know exactly what I have, that might shed some light on what the problem is.
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