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What do your friends think about your Amiga interest?

Fairly obviously inspired by this thread which has gone off on something of a tangent...

It got me thinking if people have ever told their mates about the Amiga and the interest they have in it (I mean real mates not virtual ones ). Or if they would ever let them know or let them see the stuff they have. If they do know, what do they think of it? Do they show any sort of interest? Do they make fun of it? Or show absolutely no interest whatsoever?

I'm 23 next month, and all of my friends (male and female) are around the same sort of age (early 20s). As you can imagine we all like going out, socialising and all the usual sort of stuff. We have shared interests but we also have our own very different hobbies, too.

Some of my mates are into games too and when I've had people round, they usually take some sort of mild interest in my Amiga and other retro stuff. I've never had any mickey-taking or snide remarks about anything and I've never tried to hide my stuff when people are about (regardless of who it is). For me it's just a hobby and an interest, like everyone has - only one of mine happens to be old games and systems but mostly the Amiga.

Now I've certainly never gone around talking about stuff like this all the time 'cos that's boring, but I've never actually gone out of my way to hide it and I don't mind talking about it if people ask me (which does happen very occasionally). But I also know that not everyone feels the same way and for some it's very much a 'guilty pleasure' type thing.

That's all fine of course. But I want to know... well, the answer to the thread title, really . If anyone's had some amusing responses or stick, or indeed even managed to convert anyone - or perhaps you are the sort of person who must keep it a secret at all costs... do say as I'm genuinely interested in the sort of mindset people have about this issue.
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