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Dragons Breath - Saving games and copying the original disks

Don't know if this has ever been covered here at EAB, i appologise if it has.

To save your Dragons Breath game if your using WIN UAE select the (Miscellaneous) option tab on the left panel of WIN UAE and enable (Save States Option) via the tick box on the right panel that is then displayed.

Then whilst your in game and want to save or get the option to you can by using the (Save State Function) in the (Miscellaneous tab again) of WIN UAE get to it by pressing (F12) whilst in game.

Of coarse loading is going into (Miscellaneous) tab in WIN UAE once you've loaded Dragons Breath by pressing (F12) and selecting load state then browsing to where ever you have your saved game hope that helps anyone stuck i know i was.

A big thank you to to Galahad for the cracking of Dragons Breath.

The next bit is undoubtedly irrelevant now but here goes.

When i was very much younger and i first purchased my trusty Amiga 500+ i was very tenacious in the backing up of my Original bought and paid for Amiga games.

This was because my Dragons Breath disks where unknowingly borrowed and promptly destroyed, unfortunately it does make the bellow process a lot more complicated than any of the other copy methods i wrote down which i am happy to share if anyone is interested, most are amazingly straight forwards using sometimes one sometimes two processes from Amiga copy programs.

Fortunately i was sensible enough to write down how i managed to repair and back up my Dragons Breath disks when i got them back.

The Dragons Breath disks version i have is PAL 1117


You do need two disk drives to do this DF0-DF1 otherwise you will be using (RAM Copying) only, and i found most games required a combination of both methods.

(Disk-1) In each instance of copying you will be overwriting the last using the same disk, first Using an Amiga copy program called (X-Copy I) which was made by (CACHET) in 1998? i think select (Fast Lightning Hullabaloo) and copy track range (00-81) now use (Dump Copier APWM) on (X-Copy III) track range (00-79:1) now try the disk, if it doesn't work follow the last copy method this last one was probably necessary because of my disks getting corrupted.

Using (X-Copy III) insert your original disk 1 select (Checkdisk+) on RAM DF0 selecting all available track ranges usually (00-81) - (00-80:1) and carefully check your original disks structure as its being checked if i remember correctly all tracks show green/Blue or something, next put your back up copy in and using the same method compare the structure as its being checked youre looking for any discrepancies or difference whilst its checked, write down which tracks and importantly which side (Upper or Lower) or both,showed a difference to the original disk.

A track consists of two parts think of it like two pieces of bread stacked, and now using (X-Copy III (Checkdisk+?) and or (Nibble Copy on RAM DF0) re-copy those sectors that showed a difference from the original disk as the source to the target copy remember a track has an (Upper) and (Lower) side so you only copy the particular track side (Upper or Lower) that showed an error, if you have no errors showing at all on the copy of disk 1 use (X-Copy III (Checkdisk+ and or Nibble copy on RAM DF0 and copy all track ranges from (source original) to (target copy)

(Disk-2) Again in each instance of copying you will be overwriting the last using the same disk (X-Copy III Dump copier APWM (00-81 RAM DF0) then use the error checking technique mentioned above to correct any errors, next use (X-Copy III Nibble RAM DF0 track (79 Lower only) and finally (DOS Copy+ and verify RAM DF0)
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