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-My 'real' amiga (A1200) gets used for imaging rare floppies to .apd format (hmm, must pull finger out), though is mostly used for hardware 'fiddling'.
-Amithlon + OS3.9 is still a very useful general OS platform, though where software is lacking or where even Amithlon lacks sufficient grunt (I'm quite impatient) then there is the PC...
-PC's are otherwise for playing with (games + emulation)
-Got to admit to choosing RiscOS for most 'day-to-day' activities.

I don't see myself as a self-flagellating retro-freak, I simply use the software & OS environment I find most pleasant for the job in hand:
RiscOS, AmigaOS, Windoze.

(Apologies to platforms I either don't like or have too little experience to comment)
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