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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost

As for going from floppies to 2-8 CD's - you see this as being an Amiga referent?!?! Dude, you are tripping. How about a list of all the multi-volume Amiga CD games, please. In the evolution of PC gaming from the Amiga's heydey to now, PC games were being sold on floppies (first 5.25, then 3.5) and are now being sold on multi-volume CD's. How you can rebuke this and say it's an Amiga thing is, IMHO, just being disagreeable for the sake of arguement.
I mean the fact of becoming CDs more often used as floppies.
Yes, there are probably no Amiga games on more than 1 CD. You gave the reason for yourself in the next sentences. PC and many other hardware platforms evolute, Amiga stands in one point for some time that's the reason. Btw, are you suggesting that a game using 2-3 CDs is to be worse than a single CD game?
As for English translation. I have no problems understanding this boorish language which I learned at home just playing a few PRG games. Mabe my English isn't perfect but I understand you clearly without having to look at dictionary. I bet, you even in 5 years spent in Poland wouldn't learn my language.
Anyway, our last posts have nothing to do with System Shock.

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