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Originally Posted by antonvaltaz View Post
So my question for discussion is... For those of you who use your 'classic' (i.e. not OS 4.x) Amigas for 'serious' purposes... What do you use it for, and why (why not more modern alternatives)?
I wrote all the essays for my degree (2000-3) on my A1200 (Kick 3.0, Workbench 3.0/1)*, and printed them out on a Canon BJ130. The department didn't mind at all - what was said being paramount, fancy formatting a long way down on the list of priorities. It's all still sitting in a drawer on the hard drive, the whole lot will fit onto a single floppy disk.

It makes a very good typewriter, the keyboard is beautiful to the touch, and I don't have to remember stupid ALT-keypad combinations to get accented/unusual characters.

*The university systems were based on a hacked Win95 at the time, Netscape was their "official" browser, rebooting a workstation took about five minutes (longer if the network was busy).

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