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Using your Amiga for 'serious' stuff

Back in the '90s, when I had a 'real' Amiga (by the time I got rid, an A1200 with an '030/50, 10 MB RAM, hard drive, CD-ROM etc) it was the only computer I had, and I used it for everything - not just games, but word processing, spreadsheets, music sequencing etc. Thanks in large part to Amiga Format coverdisks and tutorials, I dabbled in graphics, animation, DTP, multimedia, programming etc as well.

Now thanks to WinUAE I have a far more powerful virtual Amiga than my souped up machine ever was... yet I find myself only using it for games (most of which ran on an A500!) It seems such a waste...

So my question for discussion is... For those of you who use your 'classic' (i.e. not OS 4.x) Amigas for 'serious' purposes... What do you use it for, and why (why not more modern alternatives)?
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