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Originally Posted by PowerPie5000 View Post
I'm having trouble with IDEfix loading my 4th partition (HD3. My hard drive is 4.3gb and the last partition goes over the 4gb limit! I cannot see it in WB 3.1 or Amiagasys 4 even after i install IDEfix!

My startup-sequence displays the following lines at the beginning:

If Exists C:IDEfix
; you may want to exchange the following line with loadIDE reset quiet
; to make IDEfix reset resident, or loadIDE start quiet
; to start IDEfix immediately and have it reset resident
; from the next reboot. Make sure to put loadIDE behind any Kickstart mappers
; END IDEfix

I'm new when it comes to IDEfix as i've never needed to use it... but i now have a drive with lots of cool stuff on the 4th partiton that i cannot access
Ok all i had to do was add the line "DH3:" after the "IDEfix" line in my startup-sequence It's all working great now and i have full access to all partitions (i deleted all that other IDEfix rubbish in the startup-sequence!)
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