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Originally Posted by nujack View Post
Hello guys,

flight-tickets are bought, so we will definitly come and join the Amiga Revival Fair 2009. I think that wepl will offer to registrate WHDLoad directly. So if you like to buy an WHDLoad-Key at this event, you should bring an empty disk to enfield.
We will stay in London. So how we can come to enfield by train, how far is it and how much time we need? Is there any possibility to pick us up in London and drive together to enfield? Any plans, what we can/should do after the event?
@girv: Any chance to move your appointment to another date and come to the meeting? Would be cool to meet you there.
Great to see you are coming, we are very glad to have you join our humble show, can I ask, do you want a table? If so, will you be selling just WHLoad Registrations or will you be selling other stuff too?

Mikey C
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