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Wow! Competition is really hotting up for second and third places.

Latecomers Australia jump straight in on Germany's heals, while the Germans are merely a couple of Amiga's away from overtaking the USA.

England are looking comfortable out in front, but I'm surprised to see no votes for Ireland, Scotland or Wales so far. Are all the Amiga enthusiasts in the UK English?

Kombat, nice try but those machines just don't count as Amiga's. In fact I'm considering taking one Amiga vote away from Sweden, as a penalty for habouring an Atari ST. What's everyone's verdict?




England 7 23
USA 3 13
Germany 3 12
Australia 2 19
Sweden 1 4
Denmark 1 3

=Argentina 1 2
=Brazil 1 2
=Canada 1 2

=Greece 1 1
=Netherlands 1 1

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