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Need/Can give a lift to the Amiga Revival Fair 2009

Hello All,

This is a thread to help those who want to come, but can't make it without the need of a lift.

So, if you are travelling down to the event and can pick up a fellow Amiga user along the way, please post the town/county you are coming down from, your roughly planned route and see if you can help a fellow Amiga user along the way. (In return, those who get a lift chip in for petrol/diesel costs)

Okay, i'll start the ball rolling, I'm in St Ives Cambs, Travelling down the M11, south towards north London. I am already picking up DDNI from Stanstead along the way If you are coming along with minimal or no gear, I have room for one more) (but its a small car, so don't blame me for being cramped) ;-)
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