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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost

What the heck is comparing a 1991 PC to a modern PC got to do with what I said. Sure, there's more processor power, but the games haven't really changed that much (instead of several floppies, they can be from 2-8 CD's!) I mentioned how the game genre has remained the same with tweaks and you start talking about the evolution of PC hardware! And since when am I "talking and laughing to each other how PC is fucking shit"? I left five sentences stating my views on the redundancy of FPS games on the PC and you start blowing a gasket intimating some far-fetched scenario about us laughing at you and your PC. Dude, pour yourself a double or something! The nonobjectiveness you speak of is your own as you become defensive so easily over a simple observation.

If you love your PC and your PC games, fine. But that has nothing to do with what I said, nor does anything you said address the points of my message.
I see you are not able to understand what you are talking to yourself not to mention other people, so it has no sense to having discuss this topic any longer - not really connected with System Shock, what is more.
You wanted examples of PC's development so I gave it. On the other hand it would be not so easily to give examples of Amiga development thru the years of early 90s to 2000s.
The point about the floppies and CDs can also referent to Amiga and in fact many other hardware platforms.
I try to be objective thats all. I'm not Amiga nor PC fanatic, and what fanatism is going to bring you can in USA realise of if you're smart enough to connect the facts .
You still talking about PC and games... just think of the fact that 286 running DOS was keyboard oriended, you cannot launch several programs simultaneously. THAT was the time when Amiga was in any way better to PC, it had revolutionary hardware and software solutions, but that was more than 10 years ago and you seem not to realise this fact. Now the situation has changed. Now even PC has hardware cursor, hardware blitter, and stuff. So if you talk that PC has done no step ahed it is some faulty of perceptiveness.
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