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I'll admit that I could be considered a tart myself, more often than not , but only some people are allowed to call me that (that's where the difference is). Since that was nicely asked, I am OK to try harder to stay ontopic. At least, it is written I could be of some help to determine her preferred ClassicWB flavor.

In short, I am not too sure Kitty will get through these new 3.1 based experiments (assuming I am allowed to express this opinion), but I hope she will.

Don't take my word for it :
Originally Posted by Bloodwych
To be honest, the ClassicWB isn't made to look "good". It's a base install for real and low end Amiga's (2MB RAM and above) with 3.0 or 3.1 ROMS. It's meant to look like an Amiga workbench from the A1200 era for retro/nostalgia reasons. Also "look" is very subjective so I let the end user customize to their taste rather than force patches and hacks upon them that often cause incompatibility issues. It's certainly not or ever will be an eye candy Winuae beast; that would kind of defeat it's objectives.

Good luck !
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