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I just wanted to direct everyone's attention at an important resource that doesn't always get all the love it deserves - It's the most extensive source of amiga demoscene files anywhere, and with several mirrors (we recently revived the daily mirroring to there is no excuse to get stuck in and leech some of your favourite productions

Also check out the ever-growing, newly revitalized /gfx directory which is now a lot more wellsorted than ever before. There is also a nice friendly /incoming directory in the root as well, if you want to contribute something that is not already in the archive. Feel free to pump stuff in there and we'll make sure it gets shared with the rest of the world and is preserved for posterity. It is also a surefire way to make sure it finds its way into BitWorld, since amigascne admins are... mostly the same people as those involved with BitWorld

That is all, have a great saturday all you lovely amiga people.
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