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Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
you was the one who suggested I use CWB UAE, and I am!
I thought you would be happy with UAE ClassicWB just as it is (and I wholeheartedly thank you for saying so, since I am sure some tarts were hoping you would backup on that too just to prove I was wrong to pinpoint it as the flavor the best tailored to your needs).

Thing is, if you're planning to delay some more actual use of the WB (again to load some proggies, play from the preinstalled and so on), it could be an idea to start with a more modern version of AmigaOS, namely 3.9 for it should be much more forgiving and feature packed in this perspective.
A bit of an oversimplification but :
  • ClassicWB and 3.1 in general = Max. compatibility, albeit a bit tough on the edges
  • OS 3.9 = most "Windows" ressembling shell (downside : Not so popular here on EAB since it's not "free") so you would exercice your creativity more easily

Originally Posted by miles.j
ForceIcon can "snapshot" (save position) and use a different icon for not writeable media (CD ROM) and can change the Appicon (and snapshot it) for programes that do not support changing the icon.
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