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Default color patterns from ClassicWB are just fine INMHO, since Bloodwych tweaked 'em for "no-fuss" maximum usability. Your contributions are good looking, some are even gorgeous, but they would fit better in a 3.9 OS environment which is an as close as it can get to "Windows" variant of AmigaOS.
Also, the black dominance of this particular one melts the icon borders and contrast sharply with the white upper border than Kitty couldn't get rid of.

I agree concerning tero's advice. However, I'll question the rationale behind those icon pimping experiments, because there are lots and lots of ground to cover after having successfully setup ClassicWB, as I implied earlier (handlind the preinstalled collections, fine-tuning WinUAE...). Kitty's perfectionism could be of some better use to track bugs and suggest features, but it seems her "passion" stays within the boundaries of torturing 3.1 shell (which again, has limitations in terms of customization she doesn't seem to be fully aware of e.g. PNG, color quantization... only 3.5+ would allow, see this page).
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