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That's because although I trust Kitty to be willing to make her way through Amiga emulation, each progress/discovery being made (using a proper A1200 config, sticking with such flavor of classicWB...) seem rather volatile to me.

What if tomcat666 reply was "I used a plain 3.1 WB, not ClassicWB", that would probability be a case of Kitty asking again how to solve the 3.1 border issue... May be you don't mind, and I can live with it but I think that would be a bit sad.

The constant revolving around WB "pimping" (since it appears it probably won't increase its usability) looks to me like someone still at the stage of discussing about the benefits taking the plundge (as to using the WB for clearly defined tasks, which I hope you have nothing against, since it's only natural for it to happen at one stage or another).
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