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Firstly, you're welcome, Matt. No thanks necessary (it was nice of you, though).

The editor of Retro Gamer, Darran Jones, is a friendly guy - along with many other places, I believe he's a member here too. Perhaps a quick PM or post on one of the forums (maybe that of RG itself) would make for a good starting point?

I seem to be stating all of the obvious but I did also wonder if you'd tried or considered any of the State-side names via agents or e-mail addresses? I don't know how much Google-Fu that would require... Hmm, given previous magazine features, Darran might again be able to offer some guidance.

If I can help a little with the Toaster on CC, I believe it appeared twice - but I can only remember one of the episodes with any certainty just now. It was definitely in the Amiga 3000 show and I think was in 'The New Amigas'. If my memory isn't too hazy, they were both from 1988.

Oh yeah, as for consoles, I have seen them included a little. Looking at your list, I imagine that you're mainly or only thinking somewhat earlier than the Game Boy/Genesis (whatever one of those is!)/SNES era though, right? I think the more serious and often business-oriented earlier episodes only gave a passing mention to the Coleco etc. I've only seen about forty programmes however, so there might be something hidden away. If only the search function worked better over there...

You've just given me an incentive to watch some older episodes yet again! I never need one but perhaps I should be thanking you!

Finally (phew!), with the older names and products in mind, have you tried asking in the AtariAge forums? Like most places, it can take a good measure of noise filtering on the reader's part; but there's also a wealth of knowledge amongst the collectors and many are kind enough to share their experiences.

I hope that there's something useful in there, Matt. Good luck, anyway. Oh, and please do return with an update once you've made some progress.
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