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A real pefectionist would go for the real thing (A1200, Blizzard acc. card and stuff...), 'cause Amiga emulation would be approximated, incomplete again for years to come, despite Toni's best efforts.
OR for emulating systems that have virtually no more secrets to be unveiled to the user base, like 8-bit class computers or consoles.

My 'point' (although it's still being discussed, I haven't really made any 'point' yet) is that I can't see a focus in all these woes and wishes Kitty is reporting, because ultimately she doesn't take that free WB stuff for what it is :
A mean to play around (games, demos, creation suites whatever) with the TOSEC/WHD pack content. Also, I am not too sure she's well aware of 3.1 limitations, all the more so when being emulated.
I guess tomcat666, Bloodwych and others are operating within these well-known to them limits and that does make their customization efforts quite a challenge for a newcomer, don't u think ?
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