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Hmm, a little tricky...

For the Mac and Toaster stuff, the best quality that I've probably seen would have been in episodes of Computer Chronicles from - 'soft' at times, but it is video-based. Could framing of the video be a solution where the source's quality is poor?

Moving to most of the others and where a video grab doesn't meet your needs, have you sought the help of magazines - at least to point you to photo libraries (should that be within your budget)? Across the Atlantic, Edge, Games TM and Retro Gamer certainly quickly spring to mind as having people who'd either know where to look or be able to provide good advice.

I can't know the organisation over there but might a look into public broadcasters be a possibility? Over the last year or so, I have seen film and video-based footage of a quality that after seeing only the roughest of home recording conversions, I couldn't have even dreamed of. In the main, the clips were from series broadcast by the BBC in the early Eighties - a mix of video and very grainy film - and even where cropped and framed for wide-screen, in both standard and high resolutions, were anything but objectionable. Though it's not always available, some of the 'full NTSC' MPEG-2 Computer Chronicles footage is good too...
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